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Hockey player turned singer-songwriter Travis Jordan (Ottawa, ON) writes beautiful, slow-burning songs straight from the heart. He fell in love with playing guitar and songwriting much in the same way he fell in love with hockey. He always loved music, but when he first picked up a guitar in 2020 and started studying the Merle-Travis picking style, a fire was ignited in him. Inspired by indie, folk, and pop country artists like The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, Matt Anderson, and Zach Brian, Travis began to carve out a sound of his own.

Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, his lyrics and melodies are full of softness, romance, and emotion. A dark, quiet, smokey room, a few candles, and maybe a crackling fireplace, set the stage perfectly for a Travis Jordan show. Audience members leave his shows feeling like they just got wrapped up in a blanket of comforting nostalgia and warm vibes. His songs inspire feelings of taking in a summer sunset on a lake or waking up in a cabin on a quiet, foggy morning. 


Travis’ first and highly-anticipated single, Red Dress, was released via Willow Sound Records on August 12th, 2022.

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